Currently available files for dac1xx1

soekris_dac1xx1_DriverSetup_v3.34.0.exe    Windows 7-10, 32 & 64 bit driver
soekris_dac1xx1_DriverSetup_v4.38.0.exe    Windows 7-10, 32 & 64 bit driver

dac1321 firmware and filters rev 1.21    With new improved anti-aliasing filters

dac1421 firmware and filters rev 1.21    With new improved anti-aliasing filters

dac1541 firmware and filters rev 1.21    With new improved anti-aliasing filters

Detailed instructions for updating the firmware for the dac1321, dac1421 and dac1541.


Currently available files for dam1x21

1021filt_124.txt        Source for 4K tap filter for dam1021 rev7 boards.
1021filt_124.skr       Stock 4K tap filter for rev7 boards.

1021full_123.skr      Full 1.23 firmware, for dam1021 pre rev7.

1021full_124.skr      Full 1.24 firmware, only for dam1021 rev7.

dam1021 user manual 20151005.pdf    dam1021 user manual ver 0.90.

dam1021 firmware and filters rev 1.21  With new improved anti-aliasing filters, better auto source select and other minor improvements.

dam1121 firmware and filters rev 1.09

dam1121 firmware and filters rev 1.21 Finally, 4K firmware for the dam1121. Please note this is a beta....

dam1941 firmware and filters rev 1.24 beta - now with DSD support on 2nd I2S port.

1021filt_120.txt           Source for new 4K tap filter, requires firmware 1.19 or newer.
1021filt_120.skr          dac filters ver. 1.20.

1021full_106.skr         full firmware and filters ver. 1.06   -   Added DSD support + minor improvements
1021fpga_105.skr       fpga firmware ver. 1.05.
1021filt_105.skr          dac filters ver. 1.05.
1021_uc_106.skr        uC firmware ver. 1.06. (use togther with fpga and filt 1.05)

1021full_099.skr          full firmware and filters ver. 0.99.
1021fpga_099.skr       fpga firmware ver. 0.99.
1021filt_099.skr          dac filters ver. 0.99.
1021_uc_099.skr        uC firmware ver. 0.99.

1021filt_099.txt           To experiments with filters, the filter .txt file and updated mkrom utility is here
MKROM.EXE             32 bit dos utility to convert txt file to skr file, usage "mkrom 1021filt"

To update the dam1021 firmware you need to have the Serial Port connected and working with a terminal emulator software package, t.ex. Hyperterminal or Tera Term on Windows, if needed see the manual for details. Enter the uManager by typing "+++", following by a pause. You should then get the uManager promt, you then type:

# download

Start download session using Xmodem CRC protocol, when all is downloaded you also need to update the uC with new firmware, but only if you downloaded a new version:

# update

You then need to do a power cycle to restart everything, you can then enter uManager again to verify the new revisions.