The dam1021 is a DAC module based on a discrete R-2R sign magnitude DAC design, with FPGA based FIFO buffering/reclocking and custom digital filters, < 1 ps jitter clock generator, with 28 bit resolution so there is headroom, oversampling up to 3.072 Mhz. Up to 24 bit / 384 Khz input from SPDIF, I2S and USB (via USB to I2S interface board), with isolation on the I2S interface. The board is very flexible, with digital volume control and filter parameters that can be downloaded. The board is fully firmware upgradable over a simple serial connection, which enable new features later on. Now full support for DSD when using firmware vers 1.05 or newer.

The basis R-2R network has an output voltage of 1.4V RMS and output impedance of 640 ohm and can therefore drive a lot of things directly. There is also onboard balanced output drivers that also can drive high impedance (>= 300 ohm) headphones directly. The power supply is also onboard, just add a 5W+ toroid transformer.

Pricing, qty 1 excluding local taxes:
dam1021-05: EUR 219 (0.05% resistor version) No Stock.
dam1021-12: EUR 315 (0.01%/0.02% resistor version) In Stock.

dam1021-02 is not a stocking item anymore.

What is the difference between boards using 0.01%, 0.02% or 0.05% resistors ?
Only the harmonic distortion get better with more precise resistors, and typically they will sound much the same as the resistors initially are better then specified. But the more precise resistors has smaller temperature drift and better long term stability, and therefore will be better in the long term.


dam1021 rev7
fft -1 db
fft -60 db


Product Name dam1021-12 dam1021-05
THD @ -1db  0.007% 0.015%
THD @ -60dB 0.03% 0.09%
Resistor Precision 28 bit, 0.01% - 0.05% Resistors 28 bit, 0.05% Resistors
Clock Jitter RMS 0.8 pS typical
S/N 20 Khz Bandwith 127 dB unweighted
Frequency Range +0.1dB -1.0dB 20hz - 20Khz
Input SPDIF Coax and Toslink, Up to 24 bit / 192 Khz
Input I2S PCM Fully Isolated, Up to 24 bit / 384 Khz
Input I2S DSD Fully Isolated, Up to DoP128 and DSD256
Output unbuffered Single ended 1.4V RMS, Zout 640R
Output buffered Balanced 4.0V RMS, Zout 20R
Power input +-8-15V DC max 5W, Typ 2W
Board size 3.2" x 5.8" (81 x 147 mm)